Critically Analyze ALL Theories.
Teach the ACTUAL Controversies.

Jeremy Mohn

Jeremy is a life-long Kansas resident who teaches high school students using Biology as his medium. Ever since the Kansas State Board of Education removed key evolutionary concepts from the state science standards in 1999, Jeremy has had a particular interest in the creation/evolution controversy. In his personal opinion, if people better understood REAL science, much of the current "controversy" surrounding evolution education could be avoided.

One of Jeremy's primary objectives as a science teacher is to introduce students to important scientific concepts like the inherent uncertainty of scientific knowledge, the importance of critical thinking, the difference between authority and expertise, the religious neutrality of science, and the scientific meanings of the words "fact" and "theory."

Jeremy also happens to be a religious believer who accepts evolution as one of God's creations. You can read more of his ideas concerning evolution and religious belief at his personal website, "An Evolving Creation."

Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

Cheryl is a 7th-generation Kansan who has taught science and math at levels from middle school through college. She is committed to making sure her students and community receive only the best science education possible, through her classroom and as a board member of Kansas Citizens for Science.

Cheryl's faith has been a constant source of sustenance and joy, joy that is enhanced by learning and appreciating how the Lord works in the world. She could be labeled as a "theistic evolutionist," although other labels are more important: "wife" "mother" "sister" "friend" "caring teacher."

As someone who has worked long and hard and made many sacrifices for her profession, Cheryl knows that part of teaching is leading by example. By standing up for REAL science in the classroom, her students and community know that she practices what she preaches.

Scientific criticism originates within the scientific literature, not outside of it.
© Jeremy Mohn, 2006