Critically Analyze ALL Theories.
Teach the ACTUAL Controversies.

Critical analysis is at the heart of the scientific process. Scientists have been critically analyzing evolutionary theory for nearly 150 years. As it stands, the vast majority of scientists worldwide accept evolution as a "vital, well-supported, unifying principle of the biological sciences."

A campaign is underway across the US to promote the "critical analysis" of evolution in public school science classrooms.  This campaign can also be found under the guises of "teaching the strengths and weaknesses of evolution" or "teaching the controversy about evolution."  Promoters of these campaigns claim to be simply "supporting academic freedom."

Unfortunately, these phrases are being used as euphemisms for the notion that the scientific evidence supporting evolution and long-refuted "criticisms" of evolution should be treated equally.  Students would be woefully misinformed if they were to be taught that these "criticisms" represent currently-accepted science.

What is most notable about the recent campaign to promote "critical analysis" is that the theory of evolution has been singled out. No other scientific theories are receiving this degree of special treatment. This uncritical promotion of long-refuted "criticisms" of evolution reveals an underlying concern about evolution in particular, not a genuine concern for scientific accuracy.

"Stand Up for REAL Science" encourages school districts to reject these long-refuted criticisms of evolution in favor of curriculum standards that represent the viewpoints of the mainstream scientific community.

Scientific criticism originates within the scientific literature, not outside of it.
© Jeremy Mohn, 2006